Our Cancellation Policy
Bounce houses, tables, chairs, margarita machines and more...
We have had some circumstances which have occurred
and have forced us to take measures to protect our
business and fair practices.  So, therefore we must enforce
our cancellation policy with this page on our site. Our
cancellation policy is as follows:
If you cancel after 24 hours from the time you receive
your invoice from paypal,  your deposit will not be
returned due to high demands.  If you cancel within
24 hours from the time your receive your invoice,
your deposit will be reimburse along with any other
payments made in full.

For bounce houses, if there is inclement weather that
creates a dangerous situation, it will be upon our
discretion if the weather is severe enough to cancel
the order and provide a full refund.

If you order any other items, that you may have
planned to use out doors, and there is inclement
weather it will be up to our discretion as to provide a
refund of deposit or not.

If you have given no cancellation notice and we
deliver the item(s) and you refuse the item it is our
legal right to be able to charge you the price of the
arranged rental.