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Margarita Machines
So your looking to spicen up your party in Dallas?

What better way in DFW than to get a Margarita Machine
rental from ELY Party Rentals in Dallas.  We have two
types of Margarita machines to choose from, both margarita
machines are pictured on this page a single bowl/head
machine or triple.  

ELY Party Rentals Margarita machines come with mix
enough to make 5 gallons of margaritas, not including
alcohol, and 100 cups and straws.  More margarita mix can
also be purchased from ELY Party Rentals, ask a
reservation specialist for pricing.  Margarita machines are a
real treat for parties in DFW and our customers who rent
them always come back for more.  Party on Dallas with
Margarita machine rentals from ELY Party Rentals.
Margarita machine rentals in Dallas and more...
Margarita Machine
Rentals in DFW


call Nora  anytime
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Rent a single header margarita machine for your Dallas party from ELY Party Rentals.
Margarita machine rentals from ELY Party rentals rent at excellent prices!
FABY Double header
FABY single header
Cornelius Single header
Now Offering a Variety of Flavors*:

Traditional Magarita mix
Mai Tai
Strawberry Daquiri mix
Rum Runner

*All flavors are not guaranteed available.  In order to ensure flavor availability reserve you margarita
machine well in advance. Thanks.
Strawberry Margarita Mix
Pina Colada mix
Blue Hawaiian
Peach Bellini
Margarita Machine rentals from ELY Party rentals ROCK!